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123Mountain is having a huge sale this August where you will have the opportunity to save up to 40 percent on Scarpa Hiking shoes

Whether you're just a casual outdoors enthusiast or a regular Bear Grylls, 123Mountain is going to save you money when you shop during 8/22/2015- 09/04/2015. There has never been a better time to grab the high-quality items you want for maximum performance. 

You'll save on items like Crux Canvas Scarpa, Hunza GTX Scarpa, and many other assortments of hiking shoes and gear. These kind of items are precisely what you'll want to conquer those rigorous 14ers or that lengthy Colorado Trail! 

Having an exemplary outdoor experience demands exemplary equipment and gear that you can count on to hold up to the rough environment you aim to explore. 123Mountain takes pride in only selling the best brands, meaning you can expect only the highest of quality when shopping at the 123Mountain storefront.

And now you'll have the opportunity to purchase exceptional hiking shoes and other gear at a remarkable price. When you consider 123Mountain's unique Price Match Warranty that's always in place, and now a sale of this magnitude, it's safe to shop knowing you are dealing with a company who is looking out for both your safety and your bottom line.

Don't miss this sale! 123Mountain is dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts the items they need to conquer their surroundings. The savings on Scarpa may never be higher, and any seasoned outdoorsman knows that a safe exciting experience starts at the feet. Whether it's hantom 8000 (2015) Scarpa or Rebel GTX Carbon (Fall 2012) Scarpa

, the opportunity to purchase exceptional hiking shoes at a remarkable price is coming. With the right gear, those natural trails, or even those 14ers, will never be more accessible and surmountable!


123Mountain is offering great deals on Camelbak. These spectacular items are just in time for summer.

Customers can truly enjoy the outdoors with these spectacular brand of products, especially at great prices. Camebak will be on sale for up to 40% off from 08/29 to 09/11.   With their full array of different types of backpacks, water bottles, and other accessories, you can't go wrong as you hike the mountains, go canoeing, go bike riding, or even just to go sightseeing.

It's always a good idea to have backpacks, water bottles, and other essentials while enjoying nature at its best. As a matter of fact, a variety of items are crucial to have on you while exploring nature throughout the year. One example of these crucial items is the Flow Meter Camelbak . Not only are you able to monitor the amount of water you are drinking, but you are also able to monitor how much water you have left in your reservoir.  It's always important to stay hydrated, and to make sure you have backup on hand, just in case.

 123Mountain supplies the best quality of brands around, to meet all of your outdoorsmen's needs, and Camelbak is one of the best. Other vital items from Camelbak that are needed are items such as cleaning brush kits from Camelbak, and different types of straps. The cleaning brush kits are especially made to reach the hard to reach places of the different drinking tubes and bottles that Camelbak has to offer. The highly superior make and quality of straps from this extraordinary brand are available just in case. It's always good to have extra on hand for backpacks and other items.  

 Another great thing about Camelbak is that they have more than the regular backpacks and drinking bottles as well. A great example of these uniquely made backpacks and drinking bottles include items, such as the Big Bite Valve Color Pack Camelbak, Antidote Reservoir 70 oz Camelbak, and the Aurora 70 oz. Women's Camelbak. The backpacks are comfortably and securely made to fit women as they enjoy bike riding through the fresh breeze. Also, the different types of drinking containers are vibrant in color, prevent potentially excessive spills, and tighten securely at just a quarter turn.

 123Mountain offers great deals on Camelback this May, that are practically a steal. With great quality, make, and sturdiness of Camelback, you can't go wrong.

Wild country

As the 2014 mountaineering seasonstart , it's time to update your climbing gear.  Save up to 20 % startingSeptember 5th on Wild Country climbing gear at 123Mountain.

Whether you're just staring out as mountaineer or your passion has made you an expert alpinst, we have the gear you need to get you where you want to be - at the top of the next mountain.  Like a trusted friend who helps guide you along your mountain climb, our climbing gear will effectively and safely give you the edge you need to conquer your next mountain.

You're only as good as your gear

The art of mountain climbing is more than just reaching the top.  Like any other journey, the satisfaction is in each step that you make toward your destination - reaching the top.  And you need the right gear to get there.  

Harness and carabiner products 

Choose from our large inventory of harnesses and carabiners designed for men, women, and kids who love to get outside and climb everything they see; rock faces, mountains, and even giant trees.  Our harnesses are intricately planned and designed for the beginning or seasoned climber no matter what your style of climbing.  Choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your next great climbing adventure - on rock or ice - and save up to 20 % off your purchase.

Other Climbing Gear

Take a moment to take inventory of the climbing gear you have, the latest gear you need, and the gear that needs to be upgraded or replaced.  Our products at 123Mountain and Wild Country are first class, state of the art climbing companions that will safely accompany you on your next great outdoor destination.  

We supply you with everything you need for your next great adventure. From harnesses to carabiners, and other climbing gear, we have everything you need at 123Mountain.  Browse our website for your next purchase and save up to 20 % off from September 5th to September 18th and get outside and start climbing!


Summer gear