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Red chilli

123Mountain has all the Red Chili gear on sale now at up to 20 % off. They have all the most popular Red Chili climbing shoes, cool chalk bags, and crash pads.

What do these world-class rock-climbing athletes have in common?

  • Stefan Glowacz - He climbed the 900-meter rock wall of Renard Towers in Antarctica, finding a new path.
  • Ines Papert - She was a winner of the World Cup Ice Climbing Championship.
  • Magdalena Röck - She won the Youth World Championship.
  • Robert Jasper - He soloed the three major faces of the Alps.

They all use Red Chili rock climbing gear. Stefan Glowacz, who founded Red Chili, says, only rock climbers know what rock climbers want.

For skilled climbers, it is important to get a good pair climbing shoes that are designed for the type of climbing they do, and that the shoes fit properly. 123Mountain has all the Red Chili climbing shoes including Session VCR, Sausalito Lace ImpactZone, Corona, Demin, Lace, and Velcro.

Rock and Ice magazine says the Red Chili ImpactZone climbing shoe is as comfortable as a favorite pair of jeans and that the all-leather, fully-lined Sausalito Lace ImpactZone has some of the stickiness rubber, making it easy to climb high-angle faces while wearing these shoes.

It is important to select the climbing shoes with the proper amount of arch for the type of route you want to climb. Aggressive climbing shoes have more arch that helps you hook your foot on intense overhangs. Beginners normally do not have aggressive climbing shoes as the first pair. Advanced climbers insist on them. Beginners need climbing shoes that are durable, where advanced climbers select shoes with thin soles and a tight fit, for the ability to make precise moves.

Red Chili has climbing shoes that are good for beginners such as the Corona. The Corona has a stiff sole and is slightly turned down, but not aggressive. They work well for outdoor climbs with angles up to 95 degrees. The more advanced aggressive climbing shoes from Red Chili are terrific for the toughest routes.

Whatever you choose you will be certain to do some hot climbing with Red Chili gear.


123Mountain: Expert staff, great prices & stock -- from 2.0 Liter Hydration Engine Geigerrig to Replacement Power Bulb Geigerrig. Climb on!

Clean air. Fresh water. A sunset to write home about.We're just like you. We're 123Mountain and we understand your passion for experiencing the outdoors. Our team of store experts have been on the rock, in the water, and at the top of the mountain. From day hikes to long treks we know the gear that stands up to the toughest situations because we've worn it and carried it ourselves. We're no plastic retail mega-chain, we're 123Mountain, a single-source local specialty outdoors store devoted exclusively to the best in hiking, running, climbing, skiing and snowboarding.  

Our customers inspire us. They ask the most interesting questions:
What's the best harness for alpine mountaineering?
What's the best strength training for snowboarding?
Does this long distance running shoe make me look fat?
What's the most calorie-dense rig food?

We can answer the tough questions with passion and professionalism. What sets us apart is our commitment to matching you with the best equipment for your situation and experience levels. So not only is our gear the best in the industry, from Rig Food Geigerrig and Rig Cadence Geigerrig to Guardian Geigerrig, Katadyn, Guardian and Valendre. We have all the brands and accessories that make for unparalleled outdoor adventure, from food and the 2.0 Liter Hydration Engine Geigerrig to the the little things, like a Replacement Power Bulb Geigerrig and Rig 710 Geigerrig. 

We offer weekly sales (next up: Geigerrig!) and our prices are as good as a campfire on a cold night. We even offer a unique Price Match Warranty. Find an identical product in stock at a lower price somewhere else - and we will refund your purchase price - TWICE. For those mountain-hungry climbing freaks, we're even offering an additional 20% off Geigerrig Gear from June 27 - July 10th! If it's Geigerrig, it's on sale!

We live it, breathe it, and then share it with you. Don't plan your next outdoor adventure without consulting our team of experts.We're 123Mountain and we'll see you on the outside. Climb on! Order online today at


Stay covered and stable on your next hike by the pros with Rain Cover Black Mountainsmith and Carbonlite Pro Mountainsmith lightweight equipment.

Don't let the time of year determine your level of outdoor activity. Not when there is quality equipment from 123Mountain to supplement your outdoor activity. Staying hydrated through the heat of the summer is easy with water purification gear built right into the bottle, and hydration packs installed in many bags. Staying warm in winter is possible with Cordova 0* Mountainsmith products that are made for low temps.

Take Fido along on your adventures, he can carry his own gear with his own quality Approach 50 Mountainsmith bag that is designed with the same materials and care as your Approach 50 Mountainsmith gear, yet balanced perfectly to fit your fur friend so he can tag along through mountain streams and ravines. The family dog can come along with the  Conifer Mountainsmith tent as well. This tent has room for five plus the family dog, because enjoying mother nature's bounty is richer with your best friends by your side. 

For those cold fall nights the Cordova 0* Mountainsmith bag can withstand the chill to keep the adventure minded, sleeping soundly even if the temperature unexpectedly plummets. That is what being prepared is all about. Going out into the wild to experience the world as it really is, with the technology of modern man in your pack to keep you safe.

Naturalist John Muir said, "In every  walk with nature, one receives far more than  he seeks." This is what drives those adventurous spirits, those wandering souls into seeking out the unbeaten path. It may be necessary to buy gear to ensure comfort and survival while going on these adventures, but the investment is in spiritual, physical and mental dividends.

Figure out your  path, make sure you have the plan and equipment for comfort and survival, then get out there and seize the moment. The adventure awaits, and is unique for each and every traveler. You can save up 25% off on your Mountainsmith gear from 07/04 to 07/18, so start  preparing now for your next adventure.

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