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123Mountain will soon offer up to 40% discount on footwear by the  Salewa apparel company.

Hiking and trail running are excellent ways to experience the outdoors and get plenty of exercise in the process. Fortunately, finding footwear rugged enough to handle this kind of strenuous activity is now on the one, clothing site dedicated to outdoor activities. 123Mountain now includes the Salewa line of footwear for sale on its website, and shoppers will be able to save 40% on certain items between May 9 and May 22

From cross trainers to mountaineering shoes, Salewa has the feet of outdoors enthusiast covered. Trekking through rough terrain requires the right type of footwear and those that know the outdoors, know the Salewa name. The opportunity to save big on Salewa footwear won't last long so frugal shoppers should take advantage.

Alp Flow Mid GTX Salewa

This very practical option is as comfortable as a hiking boot with the comfort with the technical aspects associated with climbing boots. This one option is ideal for scaling steep cliffs or hiking for prolonged periods. Best of all these stylish, lightweight boots are available in men and women's sizes. The 40%discount make these shoes the best value in outdoor running shoes, but the savings won't last long.

Firetail EVO GTX Salewa and Speed Ascent GTX Salewa

The high quality Salewa approach footwear is well known by climbers, hikers and cross country runners. Like the  Alp Flow Mid GTX Salewa these shoes are sturdy enough to handle rough terrain, yet their lightweight design makes them a dream to carry.

The lightweight construction is ideal for distance runs yet the rugged material is sure to stand up to the most demanding, training regimen. However, some people wear Salewa products solely for the attractive fashion sense. This brand makes some of the most durable footwear on the market, so they're a great bargain no matter how they're used. The 40% discount means that both pairs of these running shoes can be purchased for not much more than 1 pair would normally cost.


123Mountain is offering great deals on Camelbak. These spectacular items are just in time for summer.

Customers can truly enjoy the outdoors with these spectacular brand of products, especially at great prices. Camebak will be on sale for up to 40% off from 05/16 to 05/29.   With their full array of different types of backpacks, water bottles, and other accessories, you can't go wrong as you hike the mountains, go canoeing, go bike riding, or even just to go sightseeing.

 It's always a good idea to have backpacks, water bottles, and other essentials while enjoying nature at its best. As a matter of fact, a variety of items are crucial to have on you while exploring nature throughout the year. One example of these crucial items is the Flow Meter Camelbak . Not only are you able to monitor the amount of water you are drinking, but you are also able to monitor how much water you have left in your reservoir.  It's always important to stay hydrated, and to make sure you have backup on hand, just in case.

 123Mountain supplies the best quality of brands around, to meet all of your outdoorsmen's needs, and Camelbak is one of the best. Other vital items from Camelbak that are needed are items such as cleaning brush kits from Camelbak, and different types of straps. The cleaning brush kits are especially made to reach the hard to reach places of the different drinking tubes and bottles that Camelbak has to offer. The highly superior make and quality of straps from this extraordinary brand are available just in case. It's always good to have extra on hand for backpacks and other items.  

 Another great thing about Camelbak is that they have more than the regular backpacks and drinking bottles as well. A great example of these uniquely made backpacks and drinking bottles include items, such as the Big Bite Valve Color Pack Camelbak, Antidote Reservoir 70 oz Camelbak, and the Aurora 70 oz. Women's Camelbak. The backpacks are comfortably and securely made to fit women as they enjoy bike riding through the fresh breeze. Also, the different types of drinking containers are vibrant in color, prevent potentially excessive spills, and tighten securely at just a quarter turn.

 123Mountain offers great deals on Camelback this May, that are practically a steal. With great quality, make, and sturdiness of Camelback, you can't go wrong.


123Mountain is offering some of the most incredible deals on Valandre gear through their site.

Valandre and 123Mountain are teaming up to help people get the perfect set of equipment that they need for their trip.  123Mountain is perhaps best known for offering everything from skiing accessories to boot designs.  This can help people gear up for both summer and winter seasons over the next few months.  Getting camping gear will be surprisingly simple, thanks to the streamlined layout people will find when they head to this store soon.

123Mountain will be featuring Valandre gear through their site, helping people browse through what is available to them.  Shoppers will appreciate the chance to secure all the climbing gear that they need when they head to this one location.  This brand is perhaps best known for its sleeping wear and other valuable accessories.  This can help campers stay comfortable during the trip that they opt to take.

123Mountain will be offering some impressive deals on the Valandre gear that they are selling.  But the site will also offer people the chance to link up with a full range of other brands soon.  Alpinst up to 20 % off will be made available through this site soon.  This will help people choose from the brands that will simply make the most out of their trip to the slopes.

Most customers will be glad to know that 123Mountain and Valandre can guarantee a certain level of quality with these products.  These brands will back their products with a guarantee, which is corroborated by many customers.  These brands have received some stellar customer reviews over the years, thanks to their high grade materials.  They will stand up to a lot of use, even in some harsh weather climates.

Finally, customers can actually keep tabs on the new developments coming from 123Mountain and Valandre.  These brands have offered a lot of support for customers over the years.  123Mountain actually releases a regular newsletter, which will help keep people updated.  Experienced climbers and outdoor enthusiasts will likely enjoy reading more about all the gear that they can secure through here soon.


When you are looking for sunglasses for your adventures has you covered with the best glasses and 23mountain is overjoyed to bring these sharp sunglasses to you.   

There are many great brands of sunglasses to choose from when you’re going out on either the slope or on the water. can get you a great pair of glasses at a good price. These glasses are name brand products that have been on the market for decades so you know you’re getting quality with this sale.    

Arnette  glasses have been a brand outdoorsmen gravitate towards for nearly twenty years. Arnette is known for its several immediately recognizable model lines such as Tropper, Racketeer ,and Hot Shot. Such a fine pair of glasses normally demands a premium price but thanks to 123 mountain's upcoming 40 % off sale you don’t have to pay one.  

A good pair of glasses not only make sure you look sharp but they keep your eyes safe as well. Light reflected off of either snow or water is greatly magnified and the UV rays reflected can both damage your eyes and make activities dangerous.

You owe it to yourself and your own well being to get a good pair of glasses to keep yourself safe out there. But you also owe it to your wallet not to spend more then you need to. 123Mountain has got you covered and gets you top of the line products at a good price. gets your glasses of choice to you cheaper then anyone else online. From May 30 to June12th  you'll save 40 % off of any pair of Arnette glasses you buy. takes pride in what they sell and offer the best prices on the best products.


If you are an outdoor recreation sports enthusiast you are urged to take advantage of the 123Mountain promotion where you can purchase Dmm equipment such as Dragon Cams for as much as 20% off the regular price between June 6th and June 19th.

The sale also includes harnesses, carabiners, and quickdraws so you have eveyrthing you need to safely perform tasks such as mountain climbing. You can never be too careful when engaging in outdoor sporting activities that can be quite dangerous. The high quality harnesses available from 123Mountain will give you the confidence of knowing that you are safe and secure as you climb any mountain you are brave enough to tackle.

To safely lock up your mountain bike or other outdoor recreational equipment make sure to purchase your carabiners during this amazing sale. With an easy to use twist lock keeping your equipment safe is as easy as can be, so you can easily access your equipment but theives can't.

Your rock climbing adventures can only be as safe as the quickdraws you use. That is why purchasing them from this retailer is your best choice. Safety always comes first when merchandise is being manufactured and the only goal is to keep you out of harms way while you pursue the outdoor recreational sports and hobbies that you love the most.

Another critical piece of the puzzle when you go rock climbing is to have high quality dragon cams with you to make your journey easier and just a little bit safer. This is an invaluable item to have and the 20% off sale is the best time to stock up on it. With a wide selection for you to peruse you will be able to make the choice that is perfect for you.

No matter what equipment you need to tackle all your summertime hobbies you can and should purchase them during this sale. You will then be decked out with all the latest and most reliable outdoor  recreational gear that money can buy.


Summer gear