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Whether you are a committed snowboarder, ski aficionado, hiker or Alpinist, you know the importance of quality gloves to keep your hands warm during outdoor adventures. Hestra makes some of the best sport gloves available on our planet. 123Mountain, your trusted source for high quality outdoor gear, is having a sale on Hestra gloves, up to 50 percent off, from 12/06 through 12/19/2014.

Don't miss this chance to get the best outdoor gloves available today--anywhere. For people who love Alpine touring, whether hiking mountains or traversing ski and snowboarder slopes, the gloves you want are Hestra products.

If you already have a pair of Hestra gloves or know someone who does, you are familiar with their quality and understand how comfortable, attractive and protective they are. 123Mountain offers a full line of Hestra products, including fashion and dress gloves.

If you prefer ski racing to Alpinist climbing, our upcoming sale allows you to buy top racing gloves at a wonderful discount. Should you prefer toasty mittens, you'll find the perfect pair at a price you will love.

During this fabulous sale, the toughest task you'll face is deciding how man pairs of Hestra gloves you want at these significant discounts. Whether you want outdoor adventure gloves, perfect for a snowboarder, Alpinist or ski racer, or dress gloves--or both. You'll find so many choices for men, women and kids during the 123Mountain sale, you'll need to focus to pick the styles you want. You may want them all.

Even if you have a baby, you'll find special Hestra mittens in insulated, breathable, waterproof Micron/polyester or wool. These are easy-on/easy-off mittens that keep your baby's hands warm in all weather conditions and activities.

Hestra's Primaloft and CZone lines keep your hands comfortable regardless of the outdoor winter activities you love. Both designs are available in soft, breathable leather to keep you looking good, while staying warm.

You'll also love the Deerskin dress gloves and mittens, lined with lambsfur or swisswool. Making a great fashion statement, while keeping your hands toasty, is a primary Hestra glove feature.

So, get ready for the wonderful 123Mountain Hestra sale. Visit one of our Colorado stores or our website to view the large menu of choices. If you have questions, the 123Mountain expert team can provide the answers and advice you need to make perfect Hestra glove choices.

Red feather

Up to 40% off on Your New Red Feather Snowshoes from 12/06 to 12/19

The Red Feather brand is now being carried at 123Mountain, creating a great new opportunity for winter fashion enthusiasts.

Red Feather is listing all of its wares through the helpful site found at 123Mountain.  Fans will be able to browse through the selection to find everything that they need to gear up for a winter vacation.  This is the perfect time to stock up on supplies and get ready for any trip.  Ski fans will find plenty of great deals under this brand.  There are also great deals on other brands such as Alpinst waiting for savvy shoppers.

123Mountain is proud to offer some details on Red Feather products.  The site has carefully arrayed all of the products that the brand has for sale.  This will make shopping a breeze and help people locate what they need without a hassle.  For those that are new to Alpine touring gear, this site will make it easier than ever to pick up the basic necessities.

Red Feather gear combines both form and function, which will be on full display through 123Mountain.  Every snowboarder will want to learn more about the brand and what they have to offer.  This is a brand to watch over the coming seasons, since they are quickly making a name for themselves.

The Red Feather supplies listed through 123Mountain will also help buyers stay comfortable in a variety of conditions.  The layered design of their gear will help people shield themselves against biting cold weather.  This will make for an enjoyable experience and will keep people out on the slope throughout their trip.  No one wants to miss out on lost days due to inclement weather.  This brand prides itself on the level of protection is provides against different temperatures.

Shopping for Red Feather products through 123Mountain will also be incredibly affordable.  The site is now offering up to 40% off on the different supplies available under the brand.  Visitors will want to take their time on the site and look for some of the best deals available to them.  Despite the bargain, buyers can expect consistent quality from Red Feather.


Resolve to get some better gear in the New Year! Stylish alpine touring gear from Lole winter collection is fifty percent off at   

No snowboarder or skier wants to hit the mountain in last year's gear. While you may not think that new clothes and gear can improve your performance on the slopes, you may be surprised to find that a new jacket, pair of goggles or boots  can help you to feel confident and conquer peaks you haven't been able to reach just yet. Now get up to fifty percent off on the latest winter collection from Lole in this amazing sale from 123Mountain, and get ready to attack some new peaks and top your own personal best.  

The adrenaline of alpine touring, along with the cold breeze across your face, can keep you energized for the first part of a run. But any good alpinst knows that sustained energy is what you need to get through a whole day of activity. Made of breathable fabric, the base and mid-layer pieces from Lole are perfect to keep moisture under control and keep you feeling fresh. 

Psychologists have actually found that the colors you see and surround yourself with influence your mental state and overall confidence. Simple and chic, Lole’s winter fashions use bright, vibrant blue and pink to help you pop amongst the snow. These bright colors help to reflect the sun without absorbing the heat, keeping you cool even on the days when the sun beats down on the slopes.

If you're planning an activity that requires a little more effort than sledding, Lole clothing provides comfort and enough warmth to keep you comfortable without causing you to sweat excessively. Do some alpine touring up a steep slope or connect with nature through a yoga ski. 

When you shop for alpine touring or snowboarder gear from 123Mountain, you know you are getting the best possible price and quality.


For the outdoor fan or avid hiker, the sale by 123Mountain and leki is Christmas come early or Santa revisiting bearing all kinds of wished for gear.

Best of all, this is not some fantasy which you will outgrow to learn was a myth nor is it a dream you will wake up and find gone. It is here and now and best of all, it is real. If you are into trekking, trekking poles sold by both leki and 123Mountain are a must-have. They reduces strain on your knees, helps reduce the load your back and legs have to bear , increase your balance and helps you maintain proper posture, reducing the risk of injury.

Moreover, in case you are a daredevil and love ski racing down slopes where others dare not follow; there is a wide range ski poles and gloves available to ensure that your daredevil antics do not end up with you in the devil’s attic. A good example is the Trigger S Series available from leki designed specifically with safety and comfort in mind and well-suited for alpine skiing.

For Nordic skiing, the Alu Series is an affordable yet trustworthy option while the top of the range Carbon Race Series will leave others exclaiming in awe due to their aesthetic appeal but mostly because you will leave others eating dust, or in this case, ice. Both are available from leki.

Leki has designed gloves that make it easy for you to link them with a ski pole and also to release them. You can also use them with older types of ski poles or simply to protect your fingers from frost bite during winter. They are extremely comfortable and safe with the added advantage of not getting in your way when you want to enjoy the fun of skiing. 123Mountains also offer a wide range of gloves, giving you a variety to best match your needs and the season.


Thus if you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is a wide range of products available for you on sale from 123Mountain and leki. There is a wide variety to choose from whether you are into hiking (hiking boots and poles), skiing (skiing poles and gloves) as well as supplies, clothing and equipment that you will require outdoors such as sleeping bags and durable clothing. All at a bargain.


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