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Wild country

As the 2014 mountaineering seasonstart , it's time to update your climbing gear.  Save up to 20 % startingSeptember 5th on Wild Country climbing gear at 123Mountain.

Whether you're just staring out as mountaineer or your passion has made you an expert alpinst, we have the gear you need to get you where you want to be - at the top of the next mountain.  Like a trusted friend who helps guide you along your mountain climb, our climbing gear will effectively and safely give you the edge you need to conquer your next mountain.

You're only as good as your gear

The art of mountain climbing is more than just reaching the top.  Like any other journey, the satisfaction is in each step that you make toward your destination - reaching the top.  And you need the right gear to get there.  

Harness and carabiner products 

Choose from our large inventory of harnesses and carabiners designed for men, women, and kids who love to get outside and climb everything they see; rock faces, mountains, and even giant trees.  Our harnesses are intricately planned and designed for the beginning or seasoned climber no matter what your style of climbing.  Choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your next great climbing adventure - on rock or ice - and save up to 20 % off your purchase.

Other Climbing Gear

Take a moment to take inventory of the climbing gear you have, the latest gear you need, and the gear that needs to be upgraded or replaced.  Our products at 123Mountain and Wild Country are first class, state of the art climbing companions that will safely accompany you on your next great outdoor destination.  

We supply you with everything you need for your next great adventure. From harnesses to carabiners, and other climbing gear, we have everything you need at 123Mountain.  Browse our website for your next purchase and save up to 20 % off from September 5th to September 18th and get outside and start climbing!

Wild country

Attention please!  Calling all outdoor enthusiasts, mountain women and your cavemen!  Up to 40 % off on your new Woolpower pieces from September 12 through the 25th and our equipment is ready for all outdoors activities that you have planned this season!  

As the seasons change, you will start to feel that electricity and excitement on the crisp autumn air.  Mountain freaks--it is time to polish up the skiis and snowboards and plan your winter wonderland getaway and 123Mountain and Woolpower want to be there for you and your whole family.  

Now is the best time to take advantage of our great sales and gear up for an incredible time with your new equipment--including many popular brands with excellent savings all the way up to 40 % off.  You will easily find gear for all ages at 123Mountain and Woolpower.  If you are a beginner or a master we have what you need.  

There is a Full zip 400 g. that was $174.50 and is now $124.97 as well as kid s items and even a great vest ($80) .  As always, only the best quality materials are used in our products and 123Mountain and Woolpower maintain the same return policies in place as we do all year-for your satisfaction is our business.

Some other really wonderfully warm options include the famous cap, gloves, mittens, long johns, socks. full body suits and belly warmers.  Prices start at $21 for these amazing accessories for your winter days.  

Woolpower products are made with two-thirds Merino Wool and one-third synthetic materials to create a blend that allows the body to stay warm and breathe and allowing the moisture to escape.  All items are made on special machines and do not have vertical seams to assur that they will not split.  

Come and check out our sales this season! You will be yearning for the winter days!


If you're looking for Grivel, not drivel, we've got it on sale at 123Mountain! Get out there before snow and ice climbing season Start.

From 09/19 to 09/26 at 123Mountain, we have all Grivel gear on sale for 20 percent off our regularly low prices. That's right! We have Grivel gear now 20 percent off, whether it's ice tools, carbiners, packs, crampons, name it. Check out our hot-forged ice axes. Grivel has been making them for nearly 200 years. They know axes. They've also been making biners. Hold a carbiners from Grivel and you know you've got a quality piece that won't let you down even on the toughest climbings. Each carbiners is hot-forged for strength and individually tested to ensure it'll hold up to your use.

At 123Mountain, we carry the best belay and rappelling gear from Grivel. When your life is depending on your gear, you should depend on Grivel's quality products. We also carry a wide assortment of crampons that fit any size foot and suitable climbing boot. Grivel knows crampons, having been the first company to have manufactured crampons in 1909. You can trust Grivel to have the right crampons for your needs. They make crampons for all range of use, whether you're doing alpine touring, or hanging off an ice wall, or anything in between.

123Mountain carries Grivel products not just because they're made in Italy. We carry them because Grivel makes quality products that work for ice, snow, and rock. Take a look at a helmets from Grivel. You'll be amazed at the quality made craftsmanship that is found in products made in Italy. Grivel has almost 200 years experience when it comes to manufacturing climbing equipment, be it ice, snow, or rock.

123Mountain and Grivel have a wide assortment of packs as well. Made sustainably from recycled materials, Grivel packs will haul your gear in style and keep the load distributed so you're not aching from your pack at the end of the day. We also have Grivel packs engineered and developed by Walter Cecchinel for climbers who need more performance from their packs.

No matter if you're looking to climb that mountain you've dreamed of, the rock face, the ice fall, that Fourteener, Denali, or Everest, 123Mountain and Grivel has the equiptment for you. Take advantage of our 20 percent off sale. It won't be around too long.\


123Mountain is offering some of the most incredible deals on Valandre gear through their site.

Valandre and 123Mountain are teaming up to help people get the perfect set of equipment that they need for their trip.  123Mountain is perhaps best known for offering everything from skiing accessories to boot designs.  This can help people gear up for both summer and winter seasons over the next few months.  Getting camping gear will be surprisingly simple, thanks to the streamlined layout people will find when they head to this store soon.

123Mountain will be featuring Valandre gear through their site, helping people browse through what is available to them.  Shoppers will appreciate the chance to secure all the climbing gear that they need when they head to this one location.  This brand is perhaps best known for its sleeping wear and other valuable accessories.  This can help campers stay comfortable during the trip that they opt to take.

123Mountain will be offering some impressive deals on the Valandre gear that they are selling.  But the site will also offer people the chance to link up with a full range of other brands soon.  Alpinst up to 20 % off will be made available through this site from 09/25 to 10/09.  This will help people choose from the brands that will simply make the most out of their trip to the slopes.

Most customers will be glad to know that 123Mountain and Valandre can guarantee a certain level of quality with these products.  These brands will back their products with a guarantee, which is corroborated by many customers.  These brands have received some stellar customer reviews over the years, thanks to their high grade materials.  They will stand up to a lot of use, even in some harsh weather climates.

Finally, customers can actually keep tabs on the new developments coming from 123Mountain and Valandre.  These brands have offered a lot of support for customers over the years.  123Mountain actually releases a regular newsletter, which will help keep people updated.  Experienced climbers and outdoor enthusiasts will likely enjoy reading more about all the gear that they can secure through here soon.


Summer gear