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There probably isn't a time of year when you don't think about longboards.  If that's you, then there's no time of year that we don't think about keeping you outfitted with the very best and that you're safe and satisfied while you're at it.  At 123Mountain, our business is the outdoors, and it doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold outside, we know you want only the best when it comes to practicing your art.

That's why we carry nothing but the finest quality outdoor equipment anywhere, so if you speak longboards, you need to speak to us.  At 123Mountain, we offer nothing but the widest and finest collection of longboards available anywhere, and this is on top of the already largest collection of outdoor equipment available anywhere.  This is especially true when it comes to Never Summer longboards, which nobody offers more than us. 

At 123Mountain, our selection is second to none, with the wideset choice of colors, designs, and options available anywhere.  You will never be at loss to express your own distinctive style with a longboard from 123Mountain.  We want to provide you with the equipment that will make what you do possible, and look your hotest while you're doing it.

At most stores, longboards are just an afterthought to everything else they sell.  But at 123Mountain, we make what you do outdoors what we do indoors.  And nobody does it better than we do.  From the moment you enter 123Mountain you will understand that you're someplace that is unique, where everyone here speaks the same language you do.

Every member of our staff is trained to not only understand your sport needs, but to fulfill your desires to own the equipment that not only will make your sport easier and safer, but have you looking hot when you do it.  123 Mountain offers an Unlimited Return Policy on all unused items for customers who are not 100 percent satisfied with the gear they purchased.

Our products offer the highest degree of quality and we also strive to provide what we sell at the best prices. That's why we offer a unique Price Match Warranty—if you can find an identical product at a lower price and in stock through another online retailer, 123 will refund it—twice the difference!


If you're looking for Grivel, not drivel, we've got it on sale at 123Mountain! Get out there before snow and ice climbing season ends.

Right now at 123Mountain, we have all Grivel gear on sale for 20 percent off our regularly low prices. That's right! We have Grivel gear now 20 percent off, whether it's ice tools, carbiners, packs, crampons, name it. Check out our hot-forged ice axes. Grivel has been making them for nearly 200 years. They know axes. They've also been making biners. Hold a carbiners from Grivel and you know you've got a quality piece that won't let you down even on the toughest climbings. Each carbiners is hot-forged for strength and individually tested to ensure it'll hold up to your use.

At 123Mountain, we carry the best belay and rappelling gear from Grivel. When your life is depending on your gear, you should depend on Grivel's quality products. We also carry a wide assortment of crampons that fit any size foot and suitable climbing boot. Grivel knows crampons, having been the first company to have manufactured crampons in 1909. You can trust Grivel to have the right crampons for your needs. They make crampons for all range of use, whether you're doing alpine touring, or hanging off an ice wall, or anything in between.

123Mountain carries Grivel products not just because they're made in Italy. We carry them because Grivel makes quality products that work for ice, snow, and rock. Take a look at a helmets from Grivel. You'll be amazed at the quality made craftsmanship that is found in products made in Italy. Grivel has almost 200 years experience when it comes to manufacturing climbing equipment, be it ice, snow, or rock.

123Mountain and Grivel have a wide assortment of packs as well. Made sustainably from recycled materials, Grivel packs will haul your gear in style and keep the load distributed so you're not aching from your pack at the end of the day. We also have Grivel packs engineered and developed by Walter Cecchinel for climbers who need more performance from their packs.

No matter if you're looking to climb that mountain you've dreamed of, the rock face, the ice fall, that Fourteener, Denali, or Everest, 123Mountain and Grivel has the equiptment for you. Take advantage of our 20 percent off sale. It won't be around too long.\


If you love the outdoors, keep 123Mountain and Pakems at the top of your wishlist. Get up to 30% off from September 27 through October 10.

Whether your passion is ski racing, hiking or camping, 123Mountain and Pakems are the best destinations for you. Both are based in Colorado, with some of the best skiing, hiking and camping sites in the nation.

123Mountain sells all the best brands of outdoor clothing and equipment the world has to offer. Pakems is just one key example of our menu options. Combine your quality clothing and equipment with the most respected footware to tackle the toughest trails or slopes.

The Pakems sale allows you to get the best outdoor footwear available anywhere at less than normal retail prices. These unique shoes are water-resistant and packable. Appropriate for apres ski racing and apres hiking, these wonderful shoes are available in high- and low-top styles.

You also have a wide choice of colors, including black/gray, black marble, blue/gray, Lumberjack plaid and gray/orange in the men's styles. Women's colors are the same, except for a white/orange combination that replaces the men's gray/orange combo. These colors are available in either style (high- or low-tops) for both men and women.

123Mountain is proud to feature Pakems shoes as an important component of its mission to offer you the best of the best outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment available in Colorado and around the world. Instead of trudging around ski villages in uncomfortable ski boots, throw on your Pakems to enjoy maximum comfort and style.

If you decide to make one more run down the mountain, you can pack away your comfortable, stylish shoes and strap your ski boots back on quickly. Walking around the village, in front of a roaring fire, having dinner or just relaxing later, you can put your stylish, lightweight Pakems back on to enjoy the rest of the apres ski experience.


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