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Brook range

The top-quality European brand is Uvex.123Mountain offers up to 20% discount on Uvex products from 11/08 to 11/22. 

Uvex makes HLMT Helmets, which are made of ultra-light, extremely tough, impact resistant materials. Uvex helmets have a hard shell on the outside and a soft, comfortable, inner liner.  Ski goggles stay attached safely to the helmet using a built-in headband holder.  The inner liner is removable and washable.  Ear covers have a special membrane, which allows sound to pass through.  Ventilation channels bring cool air in from outside the helmet and force warm air out the back.  The soft webbing conforms to any head shape, making a perfect fit. 

The new p1us pro ski helmet is a real winner.  It is the lightest ski helmet ever made by Uvex and is 20% lighter than previous versions.  The weight reduction comes from a brand new thermoplastic material, which is extremely tough and featherlight at the same time.  The hard outer shell combined with the EPS shock-absorbing inner liner is the perfect combination for protection.

The top of the line ski helmet with a shield is the HLMT 300 VP Style Chrome Uvex.  This model is perfect for those who want a visor shield incorporated in the helmet system.  The shield flips up and out of sight easily.  The shield is mirrored with goldlight material, to reduce glare and protect the eyes from sunlight and infrared damage.

Ski goggles made to match the helmet system have advanced Uvex lens technology and come in dozens of great colors.  The Uvex Downhill 2000 series are over-sized, frameless, and look awesome, especially the Chrome version with its bright blue lens.  The frameless feature keeps the snow spray from sticking to the lens and blocking your sight.  Even heavy spray slides right off. These goggles can be worn either over or under the ski helmet.  The lenses for the Uvex series of ski goggles benefit from the ultimate anti-fog coating called Supravision®.  This coating provides 100% anti-fog capability. has everything for the winter sports enthusiast.  This great deal on Uvex products is just one example of how they offer the highest quality products at the best prices.


Specialized ski and boots from Dynafit are now available through 123Mountain, helping everyone gear up for the trip of a lifetime.

Buying the right ski and boots gear is a critical component of any trip, so 123Mountain is here to lend its support.  They are offering 20 % off on specialized deals through Dynafit.  The site has built its reputation by showcasing essential products that people need to buy before they hit the slopes.  Now they will be cutting prices and making sure that people are buying the right ski sets for their trip.

123Mountain is offering deals on the ski and boots that people need when they are prepping for their trip.  The site is listing products through major brands such as Denali, Dy.N.A and BEAST.  These brands offer a superior level of design quality, which have helped to elevate them over the competition.  For those who want to find customer reviews, this site will be an excellent resource for them to follow.

The site at 123Mountain will be showcasing some of the prices for Dynafit ski and boots that people need.  New arrivals may want to shop around for the best deals that they can find when they are searching through these listings.  Though these are premier level brands, there are reasonable prices to be found through here.

Shipping out Dynafit ski and boots products from 123Mountain will be made easy.  The site has been designed to simplify this process and make the purchase process go by quickly.  Shoppers can ship out their favorite brands to nearly any location, helping them piece together the right set of gear that they need.  The site layout will help people estimate the total cost of the purchases that they are placing.

123Mountain will complete the online shopping experience by listing high quality photos for the Dynafit ski and boots that they can supply.  Both veteran and new shoppers will need to browse through photos ahead of time.  They should invest in ski and boots that offer exceptional form and function.  Designers often spend a lot of time ensuring that their products are stylish.  Many skiiers make a personal statement through the brands that they decide to purchase through here.


 Holmenkol, the high tech sports coating developing company, that goes by the slogan "license to win", offers outdoor sporting consumers an advantage when training or performing. As an outdoor sporting participant, you are sure to experience awesome  results when using their washing agents, hygiene products, gliding products, polishes or coating products, guaranteed, as such expectation has been factual for over 8 decades now. 123 Mountain, offers such products for your convenience, at very reasonable prices and even offers up to 20% off, when purchasing online:  Holmenkol is renownedly known for giving athletes a critical edge during training and performance endeavors. 

About 123Mountain, the company that offers Holmenkol products as reasonable prices. It is an online store, that sales products directly in association with outdoor activities such as but not limited to: biking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and hiking of the following but limited to: clothing, backpack, skis, watches, food and tents with over 100 different brands available - talking about killing the competition! Oh Boy! They offer some of the most competitive prices online and even makes available, a dedicated page strictly to clearances. 
A little further details on Holmenkol. For more than 8 decades, Holmenkol has been knowledgeable and experienced in paraffin wax and fluorinated materials (race wax), PE ski coatings and care products (wax cleaners). Protected by eight patents and patent applications, they provide consumers with Nano-CFC ski wax technology that allows for better cross-linkage than conventional products, which greatly enhances user's abrasion resistance, water repellent and gliding effects, which in turn allows much higher speeds. The German Consumer Association, Stiftung Warentest, has ranked this technology as: "very good". Below is a short list of many other products offered by Holmenkol, with the inclusion of their wax products. 


Base Wax - Ultimate grip and traction for the most extreme training routines in all dry, old and aggressive snow conditions - $14.95 
Cleaner Reiniger Wax remover - Removes wax, oil, grease and resin from skis and clothes - $34.95 - 1000ml 
Bike Wash - Cleans painted, metallic and carbon surfaces, while preventing corrosion and avoiding water/lime stains from forming on bicycle frame - $16.95 
Care Fleece - Absorbent multifunctional fleece for base cleaning and polishing - $36.95 
Digital Racing Waxer - Electronic temperature control and temperature display  - temperature ranges from 90 degrees C to 180 degrees C and more such as ski tunning wax, bike lube and race powder!!!

For further information on purchasing details, visit or simply inquire at 303-984-4649 (Lakewood, Co) or 970-233-8753 (Copper Mountain, CO) and speak to the awesome staff. There is a live chat available online as well - start your chat immediately and have a Holmenkol product delivered to your home as soon as tomorrow. 

Holmenkol is your ultimate company for outdoor hygiene, wax traction, polish, coating products and more.


As a serious snowboarder or alpinist knows, Eider offers the highest quality ski and cold weather wear to keep you warm, laughing at the elements. With a wide variety of jackets and pants to keep you warm and toasty during your Alpine touring activities, Eider winter wear is the perfect accessory. From 11/22 through 12/06 you can even save up to 50 percent on these outstanding clothes at 123Mountain, your trusted home for the best in outdoor gear for all seasons.

This sale offers you the opportunity to purchase the best clothing, whether you're a snowboarder, alpinist, hiker or ski enthusiast at discounted prices. Why settle for second best when you can have the best for a comparable cost?

The upcoming sale will feature the latest in women's and men's wear. If you already own or know someone who owns Eider clothing, you already know about their legendary quality, comfort and effective protection for wearers from all weather conditions, however harsh.

Eider jackets and trousers are lightweight, but very strong. They won't weigh you down, particularly important if you prefer long hikes or competitive ski or snowboard racing. Scaling the most challenging mountains is a joy when you wear Eider creations.

If you live outside Colorado, you can still benefit from our outdoor products and the upcoming sale. Just visit the 123Mountain team at our website, When you're unsure of the exact Eider product you need, you can also call us or have an online chat with a member of the 123Mountain team to get your questions answered and/or advice on just the right Eider product you need. We are confident we have the perfect Eider product to keep you looking and feeling sharp, while protecting you from any seasonal weather conditions you encounter on your outdoor adventures.

This spectacular sale gives you the opportunity to outfit yourself for every Alpine touring activity you may plan. Your 123Mountain expert team is ready to help whenever you call on us.


Whether you are a committed snowboarder, ski aficionado, hiker or Alpinist, you know the importance of quality gloves to keep your hands warm during outdoor adventures. Hestra makes some of the best sport gloves available on our planet. 123Mountain, your trusted source for high quality outdoor gear, is having a sale on Hestra gloves, up to 50 percent off, from 12/06 through 12/19/2014.

Don't miss this chance to get the best outdoor gloves available today--anywhere. For people who love Alpine touring, whether hiking mountains or traversing ski and snowboarder slopes, the gloves you want are Hestra products.

If you already have a pair of Hestra gloves or know someone who does, you are familiar with their quality and understand how comfortable, attractive and protective they are. 123Mountain offers a full line of Hestra products, including fashion and dress gloves.

If you prefer ski racing to Alpinist climbing, our upcoming sale allows you to buy top racing gloves at a wonderful discount. Should you prefer toasty mittens, you'll find the perfect pair at a price you will love.

During this fabulous sale, the toughest task you'll face is deciding how man pairs of Hestra gloves you want at these significant discounts. Whether you want outdoor adventure gloves, perfect for a snowboarder, Alpinist or ski racer, or dress gloves--or both. You'll find so many choices for men, women and kids during the 123Mountain sale, you'll need to focus to pick the styles you want. You may want them all.

Even if you have a baby, you'll find special Hestra mittens in insulated, breathable, waterproof Micron/polyester or wool. These are easy-on/easy-off mittens that keep your baby's hands warm in all weather conditions and activities.

Hestra's Primaloft and CZone lines keep your hands comfortable regardless of the outdoor winter activities you love. Both designs are available in soft, breathable leather to keep you looking good, while staying warm.

You'll also love the Deerskin dress gloves and mittens, lined with lambsfur or swisswool. Making a great fashion statement, while keeping your hands toasty, is a primary Hestra glove feature.

So, get ready for the wonderful 123Mountain Hestra sale. Visit one of our Colorado stores or our website to view the large menu of choices. If you have questions, the 123Mountain expert team can provide the answers and advice you need to make perfect Hestra glove choices.

Red feather

Up to 40% off on Your New Red Feather Snowshoes from 12/06 to 12/19

The Red Feather brand is now being carried at 123Mountain, creating a great new opportunity for winter fashion enthusiasts.

Red Feather is listing all of its wares through the helpful site found at 123Mountain.  Fans will be able to browse through the selection to find everything that they need to gear up for a winter vacation.  This is the perfect time to stock up on supplies and get ready for any trip.  Ski fans will find plenty of great deals under this brand.  There are also great deals on other brands such as Alpinst waiting for savvy shoppers.

123Mountain is proud to offer some details on Red Feather products.  The site has carefully arrayed all of the products that the brand has for sale.  This will make shopping a breeze and help people locate what they need without a hassle.  For those that are new to Alpine touring gear, this site will make it easier than ever to pick up the basic necessities.

Red Feather gear combines both form and function, which will be on full display through 123Mountain.  Every snowboarder will want to learn more about the brand and what they have to offer.  This is a brand to watch over the coming seasons, since they are quickly making a name for themselves.

The Red Feather supplies listed through 123Mountain will also help buyers stay comfortable in a variety of conditions.  The layered design of their gear will help people shield themselves against biting cold weather.  This will make for an enjoyable experience and will keep people out on the slope throughout their trip.  No one wants to miss out on lost days due to inclement weather.  This brand prides itself on the level of protection is provides against different temperatures.

Shopping for Red Feather products through 123Mountain will also be incredibly affordable.  The site is now offering up to 40% off on the different supplies available under the brand.  Visitors will want to take their time on the site and look for some of the best deals available to them.  Despite the bargain, buyers can expect consistent quality from Red Feather.


Resolve to get some better gear in the New Year! Stylish alpine touring gear from Lole winter collection is fifty percent off at   

No snowboarder or skier wants to hit the mountain in last year's gear. While you may not think that new clothes and gear can improve your performance on the slopes, you may be surprised to find that a new jacket, pair of goggles or boots  can help you to feel confident and conquer peaks you haven't been able to reach just yet. Now get up to fifty percent off on the latest winter collection from Lole in this amazing sale from 123Mountain, and get ready to attack some new peaks and top your own personal best.  

The adrenaline of alpine touring, along with the cold breeze across your face, can keep you energized for the first part of a run. But any good alpinst knows that sustained energy is what you need to get through a whole day of activity. Made of breathable fabric, the base and mid-layer pieces from Lole are perfect to keep moisture under control and keep you feeling fresh. 

Psychologists have actually found that the colors you see and surround yourself with influence your mental state and overall confidence. Simple and chic, Lole’s winter fashions use bright, vibrant blue and pink to help you pop amongst the snow. These bright colors help to reflect the sun without absorbing the heat, keeping you cool even on the days when the sun beats down on the slopes.

If you're planning an activity that requires a little more effort than sledding, Lole clothing provides comfort and enough warmth to keep you comfortable without causing you to sweat excessively. Do some alpine touring up a steep slope or connect with nature through a yoga ski. 

When you shop for alpine touring or snowboarder gear from 123Mountain, you know you are getting the best possible price and quality.


Summer gear