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"Great service and really neat stuff!" If ever you have a question or hesitating on a product give us a call or come down to the store, our advise and personal experience might be the difference you are looking for.

Customer Service

Our code for valuable customer service stands on an appreciation we have for your contributions made to our progress. As we learn about your further needs and wants, understand that our service team is here to help in any way.

Our customer service reps follow our guidelines to reach optimal service and effective solutions. These prescribed guidelines will not be mended, changed or broken for any reason.

You will receive the same quality attention and the same answers from every representative whether it is by phone, email or our live chat. Do not try different channels for different results. You will drastically slow down the time needed to find a resolution by doing this.  Making multiple inquiries on an issue will also lead to a delay of your progress. This system is intended to serve you as best as is legally possible. We, therefore, cannot reach your best solution without your cooperation and courtesy.

Further, threats of any kind to our professional team will not be tolerated. No matter what our findings are, always be assured that our service team is eager to help you find your remedy.

We may not always have answers ready for you, but an answer will be provided within the legal scope we have to do so. There are no exceptions made for established rules, regulations and guidelines. We will not mislead you in practicing or stating illegalities either.
None of the here stated clauses are intended to make your experience difficult. With your ready cooperation, we can effectively reach the solutions we need for improving your situation. All inquires will be promptly responded to by our customer service reps within a 24—48 hour period.
It is our duty and our value in customer service to consider your problems ours. We will therefore find the best and fair solutions for all.


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