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Scholarship application

Last Name


First Name


Date of Birth


Phone Number


Your Parents-

Email Address


Your Parents-

Mailing Address


Ski /Mountain Club


Coach Info


Phone Number-



Circle One-           Male                Female



Other Sponsors



Short Answers-

1) What is your background (results you have achieved in your sport, such as ski racer awards, etc.)?

2) What is your goal for this upcoming season (example: a program and calendar of races for your sport)?

3) How are you improving your personal technique right now?

4) What is your training program until winter start?


Essay Questions

1) Tell us about your best outdoor moment?

2) What or who do you credit the most for your sport opportunity?

Challenge Question. (Choose only one option)


Select ONE of the following ridiculous options

1) You have 200 words…. Take a risk.

2) If you were reduced to living on a flat plain, what would be your greatest problems, opportunities?

3) We are casting for the incoming class. Please send us your audition tape.

4) Tell us about the most embarrassing moment of your life?


Good luck


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