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123 Mountain, is now offering Scholarship and Ambassador Programs for those who are very passionate about outdoor winter sports. These are both very exciting opportunities and those who are interested are encouraged to apply immediately as these positions will be filled fast!

Current Scholarship athlete and ambassador programs available at 123Mountain are available in the areas of ski racing, free skiing, all of the snowboarding disciplines, alpine touring or expedition and ice climbing. Positions are open for both men and women and any style is welcome to apply to be an ambassador for the company in any of these areas.

Scholarship athlete:

This scholarship is open to year of birth 1993-2004 ONLY

There will be 3 parts to your application.  We will need some basic information about you that you will fill out in the Application Form.  Next you will have the written portion of the Application. This includes a few short answer questions, 2 essay questions (100 words minimum), and challenge choice with 4 fun options to choose from. The written portion is what will really help us get to know you. Third, we will ask you to provide 2 letters of recommendation; one from your coach, one from another adult (like a parent, teacher, mentor, employer, man at the ice cream shop, you get the idea) and explain what is your expectation for the comming winter .  Pretty simple, right?  We don’t want our application to be too hard to discourage you from applying, but I will tell you that effort is always obvious in the winning applications.  Here are some other tips:



  • Be ethical.  Winning applications are filled out by the athletes solely.  We know you are busy but if you want to win you need to make sure you put in the effort.  Applications that are filled out by parents are usually obvious and we are not afraid to verify with multiple sources to find out who filled out the application. 
  • Be yourself.  Winning applications are able to express an athlete’s true personality.  Don’t write what you think we want to hear.  Write what YOU believe.  Remember, this is likely the only chance we have to meet you and we want to know the real you!  Feel free to add any supporting material to your application.
  • Send in a complete application before the deadline.  Sending in an application in multiple email results in much confusion for us and the chance of your application being viewed incomplete.  We also appreciate promptness on your application.  Leaving it to the last minute stresses you out and makes our mailman angry when he has to deliver all the applications on the last day. No exceptions.
  • Application must be send by email by October 31th 2015.

10 athletes will be choose by November 15th 2015.


What you obtain?

Each winner will receive $1000 worth of equipment at 123Mountain.com. Winners also get some official 123Mountain Competition Team swag and some other goodies as well.  Your name will be added to a very successful list of athletes, but more importantly a list of great skiing ambassadors and community members.  

What we request from ours athletes?

  •  Promote ours stores and website,
  •  Share your experience, result and picture on our blog and social media,
  • Help and share your passion with the next generation.
  • Respect and protect the nature where we play


You meet all these criteria? Apply here


Ambassador Programs:

What is a 123Mountain Ambassador?

  • Cool Person who Respect and protect the nature where we play
  • Loves 123Mountain and the brand we carry and wants to help build it up
  • Needs to earn some discount to afford our awesome gear

We plan to find around 10 super stoked 123 ambassador’s in the country.

 This person will follow our model to promote our brands and share our passion by participate at on our events and our social media site.

What You Win

Each Ambassador selected will received amazing discount (up to 60% discount) worth of equipment and material at 123Mountain.com. Ambassador also get some official 123Mountain Ambassador Team swag and some other goodies as well. 

How to apply:

To apply for ambassador position, please send a resume to info@123mountain.com. Along with the resume, please include a picture of you in action at your sport (such as you on your snowboard, etc.), a letter with your address, activity, reference, project and what is your goal, how you will be active for us and why we must choose you….


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